Giving People A Reason To Change

In the public mind with the critical voice of high-profile President Ram P Kumar, Sonadev Aarogyam has, since its beginnings as a community-based health project in the rural villages in all over place, come to be recognised as perhaps the pre-eminent public health NGO globally. The organisation is guided by the same passion that drove those young adults responsible for its conception – namely an overwhelming sense of solidarity, rather than charity, when dealing with the world’s poorest and most underserved populations. In practice, this vision is manifest in Partners in Health’s holistic model of patient care, which emphasises the need to alleviate the economic and social burdens of poverty that exacerbate diseases like HIV/AIDS, disability, and multi-drug resistant tuberculosis.

The game-changing Partners in Health approach encompasses five key elements focused on addressing intractable and neglected conditions: universal access to primary health care, ensuring health and education services are free to the poor, hiring and training community health workers, improving access to food, shelter, clean water, sanitation, education and economic opportunities and partnering with local and national governments to guarantee the system wide scale-up and adoption of new approaches to treating infectious disease. All fuelled by a simple credo: “whatever it takes.”

Sonadev AArogyam is an national non-profit organisations. Our membership is composed of not-for-profit organisations working on all aspects of public health,disabilities, and education.

SDAmission is to promote and protect the health and education of all people living in India and to advocate for greater participation of citizens in health-related policy making at the Indian level.

It has healthy relationships with the public to meet their goals. This official website is still under construction so we invite you to regularly visit it in the future to keep yourself up-to-date with our newest additions and revisions on this space.

Join SDA Then fill in and send us back the membership application form available below. Do not hesitate contacting the SDA office for any questions or for help with the forms.

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Giving People A Reason To Change


  • Message from Sukesh Barui

    Message from Sukesh Barui

    Since 1977, Sukeshi has spent her life thinking about the needs of the underprivileged community in rural India. Her greatest motivation has been none but her own conscience.

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  • AVTM : Amis des Villages du Tiers Monde

    AVTM : Amis des Villages du Tiers Monde

    Founded in 1987 by Laurence Souques, this association aims to finance development projects in the rural areas of the Third World and to safeguard the cultural heritage of the villages.

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  • Associazione Amici di Dominique Lapierre in Ticino

    Associazione Amici di Dominique Lapierre in Ticino

    Friends Association of Dominique Lapierre in Ticino, formed in September 2011. Aims to support the Sonadev Aarogyam project promoted by Dominique Lapierre.

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  • Brother Gaston Dayanand

    Brother Gaston Dayanand

    A Swiss-born nurse, Hero of The City of Joy & a one-man institution. Devoted his life to improve the welfare of the underprivileged. Arrived in India in 1972, found his life’s work in the slums of Howrah, Calcutta.

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  • Message from Dominique Lapierre

    Message from Dominique Lapierre

    A French author who has touched many people with his life & work. Donated half the royalties earned from his book to support humanitarian projects. Founded ‘Action aid’ for Calcutta lepers' children.

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Learn to Live - A Documentary for Persons with Disability

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Our Projects

Urgent Needs Urgent Needs

Donate 6 Euro per day for residential care and cure service of a girl child with disabilities.
  • Sonadev Aarogyam Donate residential care and cure service of a girl child with disabilities.
  • Sonadev Aarogyam special education of a child with disabilities.
  • Sonadev Aarogyam facilitate mobility of a person with locomotor disability.
  • Sonadev Aarogyam individualized adaptable wheelchair.
  • Sonadev Aarogyam will help to rehabilitate a child in community through Community Based Rehabilitation programme.
  • Sonadev Aarogyam general healthcare for a poor person.
  • Sonadev Aarogyam Provide quality education for rural kids through a help
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Disability Resources

Go through our database and get to know about the various government organisations working to aid the PWDs of India

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Guest Book

  • Sonadev Aarogyam was great to use a great opportunity to keep a lot of lovely people and a completely new culture. Thank you for all the support and to taking care of us! I will never forget this place!

    Carlota Sainz de los terreros
  • Thank you for giving us the opportunity to join Sonadev Aarogyam there weeks. Great time, better people! Good job!

    Natalia Diaz Martin
  • I found this place very lovely and thank you for the opportunity of staying here with you. Keep on with the hard work. Good job!

    Marta Gbert Matas